Lillie McCloud has Hits under another Name


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Lillie McCloud, the 54-year-old grandmother that has shocked the world and "X Factor" judges, has a whole other career listed under a different name.

McCloud has been recording songs since the 1980s under the name Nicole McCloud. She has several hits including: "Don't You Want My Love" in 1986 and in 1994, "Runnin' Away".

"I have been trying not to hide," McCloud told a reporter on Wednesday. "I've been working in Miami nightclubs, on South Beach for several years. I've been recording. I couldn't get beyond dance artist. I had some recordings as a dance artist. I never had this opportunity to branch out."

McCloud says that although she has been recording and performing locally, she has been waiting for years for her "big break". It seems as though her time is now. Judges have compared her to Gladys Knight and the legend Whitney Houston.

"I feel like a superhero," she said. "Does this happen to a 54-year-old? This is not normal," she said. "It's not every day that something like this happens to someone like me. A couple of weeks ago I was home cooking with a baby in one hand and a baby in the other. This time I’m ready for it."

I don't think that fans will mind that she has a previous career. She seems to be a smash hit amongst the judges and fans alike. Fans have been praising her performance of "Alabaster Box" via Twitter and find her to be an inspiration.

Image via Twitter