Lenovo Could be Ramping Up Tablet Production


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The PC market is dwindling, with PC shipments now consistently falling quarter after quarter. Market watchers blame this decline on the rise of mobile devices, specifically tablets that can fulfill the basic web browsing needs of many consumers. PC manufacturers are now scrambling to find other sources of revenue.

While HP and other manufacturers are now looking toward their enterprise solutions for the future, one PC manufacturer has actually managed to thrive throughout the decline. Lenovo earlier this year overtook HP for PC shipments and has been increasing its sales while others falter. Winning in a declining market isn't enough for the Chinese company, though, and it now appears that Lenovo is squarely targeting the tablet market.

A new DigiTimes report today states that Lenovo is now increasing its tablet component orders for the fourth quarter 2013. Component manufacturers are cited as stating most of the orders are for 8-inch tablets that Lenovo is expected to release sometime this holiday season. The tablet market is reportedly to become the focus of Lenovo's future efforts.

In addition to the PC market, Lenovo has been making strides in both the tablet and smartphone sectors.

Though Lenovo does not own a large portion of the tablet market, it did come in a distant fourth in tablet shipments during the third quarter of 2013. It come in behind Apple, Samsung, and Asus' Nexus 7.

In the smartphone market, Lenovo is one of a number of Chinese manufacturers that are beginning to make up a large block of smartphone shipments. Lenovo and Huawei in particular are becoming major smartphone brands. Even without a BlackBerry acquisition Lenovo may be able to leverage its position in emerging markets to rise in the smartphone market the way it now has for PCs.

(Image courtesy Lenovo)