Lego Artist to Build Entire Mario Level 1-1 using One Single Block Per Pixel


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Kickstarter artist Zachary Polluck is asking for $26,400 to create the entire first level of Super Mario Brothers pixel by pixel using Legos.

The project will require approximately 780,000 bricks, much larger than anything he has attempted before. Most of his work runs in the neighborhood of 6,000 to 15,000 bricks. The final mosaic will be 6 feet tall and over 90 feet wide, making in the longest lego structure in history.

Polluck has two goals he wants to achieve with this massive 8-bit inspired work. He want to encourage a new generation of Lego enthusiasts and test the waters for a foundation he wants to start that helps children with healing art projects involving Legos. He wants to show the world that both Legos and video games can be an artform, not just a child's plaything.

Here is a sample of what he plans to accomplish.

Lego Mario

All of the money raised on Kickstarter will go towards building materials. He and volunteers will donate their time for free.

He plans to display the finished product at BrickCon 2012 in Seattle and other conventions as they arise. He has hopes for PAX and Comicon. BrickCon takes place in October, so if you would like to contribute to a art project for which you will see quick results, donate to his cause on kickstarter. He accepts donations as little as $5.

[h/t: Joystiq]