LeAnn Rimes Feud With Brandi Glanville Just Keeps Going

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LeAnn Rimes has a long and storied past with Brandi Glanville; since LeAnn married Brandi's ex, Eddie Cibrian, the two have been going at it in the press nonstop. Brandi was initially upset that Eddie cheated on her with LeAnn while the two of them were filming a movie together, but now she's set her sights on LeAnn's mothering skills and even the way she gives Mother's Day gifts.

Glanville took to Twitter to talk about LeAnn's gift--a bouquet of flowers--and said that the two of them don't speak when they run into each other in public.

LeAnn reportedly replied with, “This was actually the first acknowledgement of my gesture I was made aware of. I didn't see anything else sent to me. It wasn't for the 'thank you.' It was to just simply say Happy Mother's Day," though that tweet appears to have been deleted. She did seem to allude to the situation in another post, however.

LeAnn has claimed in the past that she entered a rehab program to learn how to cope with stress after two of Brandi's friends allegedly began harassing her and making threatening phone calls. They have also had Twitter wars before, after Brandi accused LeAnn of keeping laxative pills in her purse and being negligent when Brandi's son ate them, thinking they were candy.

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