Laura Prepon Dishes On Season 3 Of 'Orange Is The New Black'

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Laura Prepon has been giving the scoop on what is ahead in the third season of the hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black.

In the show, the actress plays Alex Vause. Vause is a federal inmate who was convicted on drug trafficking charges. Vause is also the complicated lesbian girlfriend of the protagonist, Piper Chapman.

The last season of OITNB, Prepon’s character got a plea deal for naming a drug lord in court which freed Vause from prison. However, her cooperation with the legal system wasn’t enough to take the vindictive kingpin down.

Just before the end of season 2, Chapman, which is played by Taylor Schilling, set Vause up for a parole violation that landed her back in prison for season 3.

Prepon’s character is not going to be the same confident, self-assured lady they got to know in season one. She's wracked with self-doubt and as Prepon labeled it, "feels like a fool."

"She doesn't know how she got back in, she doesn't know that Piper is the reason for it, and I think she just feels foolish and stupid," said Prepon. "Now that she had that freedom and it was taken away again, I think she just has lost faith in herself, has lost faith in her and Piper and is kind of a little hopeless."

OITNB is based on a true story created by Jenji Kohan.

Just recently, Prepon stated that Catherine Wolters reached out to her to applaud her portrayal of the role. Wolters is the woman behind the inspiration of Prepon’s character.

According to Prepon, Wolters sent her a copy of Out of Orange with “a very nice letter.”

Before Laura Prepon became popular as Vause in OITNB, she was first best known as Donna Pinciotti from That 70s Show.

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