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Kyron Horman: Four Years Missing, Stepmom ‘Unofficial’ Suspect

Kyron Horman disappeared from his Portland, Oregon elementary school four years ago and not a trace of the then-7-year-old has been seen since. His stepmother Terri Horman still remains the only ̵...
Kyron Horman: Four Years Missing, Stepmom ‘Unofficial’ Suspect
Written by Kimberly Ripley
  • Kyron Horman disappeared from his Portland, Oregon elementary school four years ago and not a trace of the then-7-year-old has been seen since. His stepmother Terri Horman still remains the only ‘unofficial’ suspect or ‘person of interest’ in the child’s disappearance.

    On June 4, 2010, Terri Horman brought Kyron to Skyline Elementary School where he participated in a science fair. She claims she left the boy as he headed from the fair down the hall toward his classroom. When he didn’t get off the school bus at home that afternoon he was reported missing. He never made it to his classroom that morning.

    Kyron lived with his stepmom, his biological dad Kaine Horman, and his little sister (child of Terri and Kaine Horman) Kiara. Kyron Horman’s biological mom–Kaine Horman’s first wife–Desiree Young, has been an active part of the continued search for their son–along with Kaine Horman. Within weeks of Kyron’s disappearance, Kaine Horman began to suspect Terri Horman’s involvement. The two separated shortly after his disappearance and divorced within the year. Kaine got custody of Kiara.

    Kaine was instrumental in setting up the Wall of Hope at Kyron’s school. It features messages from the community supporting the family and children who knew Kyron. Kaine talked to reporters by that Wall of Hope about the 4-year anniversary of Kyron’s disappearance.

    “I want to be caught up with him, wherever he’s at,” Kaine said, “and be in touch with the things that he likes and the kids his age, and what they’re doing, and what they’re interested in.”

    It’s beyond clear that Kaine Horman believes he will one day see his little boy again.

    Desiree Young posted a Facebook message regarding an upcoming private search with the help of Klaas Kids for Kyron. This organization was created by the father of Polly Klaas, who was abducted and murdered several years ago. Young was quoted as saying more than a year ago that she no longer believes they will find Kyron alive. It seems like she is simply hoping for closure and to learn what happened to her son.

    Terri Horman failed three polygraph tests in the days following Kyron Horman’s disappearance.

    “She still hasn’t told us where she was that day and why she’s unaccounted for for about two hours of time,” Desiree Young says.

    Terri Horman relocated shortly after her separation from Kaine Horman. She lives in seclusion with her parents in Roseburg, Oregon. Desiree Young and Kyron’s supporters have protested outside the home several times in the past four years.

    Skyline Elementary School, where Kyron was a student and was last seen, has upped their security efforts since the little boy vanished.

    Desiree Young and Kaine Horman don’t want to be having these same kinds of conversations with the media in another four years.

    “They’re not going to prosecute Terri until they find Kyron. And that’s why it’s my mission. I am going to find answers. I am going to find Kyron if I have to do it myself,” Young says.

    Multnomah County officials say the Kyron Horman case is still open and active. They can’t–or won’t–comment on their recent findings.

    One need only read a media report and look at the precious face of then-7-year-old Kyron Horman to understand a tiny bit of the horrific grief Kaine Horman and Desiree Young have undergone for four straight years since their beloved son went missing. And while it would be an enormous blow if searchers were to find a body, at the very least these poor people could begin putting this unfathomable case to rest. They could then concentrate on finding out how–and at whose hands–the little boy died.

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