Kylie Minogue Musician Opens Up About Being Crushed Nearly To Death

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Kylie Minogue's guitarist, 25-year old Luke Fitton, has opened up about a terrifying near-death experience he had on Valentine's Day which killed a woman and left him crushed beneath a pile of cement.

Fitton told members of the St. Pancras Coroner's Court during an inquest that he and his girlfriend had hailed a minicab that night after dinner and were just discussing the stormy weather with the driver, 49-year old Julie Sillitoe, when a building partially collapsed and fell right on top of the car, crushing Fillton and killing Sillitoe.

"Quite instantly, I felt I had a huge piece of concrete on me, and it just seemed to go from absolute silence and normality to the complete opposite. I didn't understand what was going on. I was conscious, I was screaming and screaming because the pain was so blinding," Fitton said.

An inquest is still ongoing regarding the incident and what responsibility the owners of the building may incur. Fitton endured several injuries and was on crutches for many months after the accident. As for Mrs. Sillitoe, her husband said he pleaded with her not to work that night due to the weather, but she refused.

"It was very windy outside. I said why don’t you take the night off? She said ‘I have got to go to work to buy your birthday present’," he said.

Amanda Crum
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