Kylie Jenner's Swimsuit Photo: Was It Photoshopped?


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Kylie Jenner is a beautiful girl and she posts enough pictures to ensure that the world knows it.

So would someone as young and attractive as Kylie Jenner feel the need to Photoshop a bikini photo to make herself look better?

Rumors say yes. Kylie recently shared a photo of herself in a blue swimsuit on Instagram.

Soon after posting, several Instagram users noticed that something wasn't right in the photo. While the photo appears normal at first, a closer glance shows a squiggly line near one of Kylie’s legs.

Marks and lines like the one in the photo are usually a telltale sign of a Photoshop edit and Instagram users immediately started criticizing the photo and Kylie.

Adding to the mystery behind the photo is the fact that as soon as Kylie realized that she had posted the photo she removed it and replaced it with one that did not show the line.

Many people are now calling her a bad role model for children and teenagers. Many young girls suffer from body image problems and when they see a celebrity that already has a great body changing hers to make it appear thinner, it tells them it’s okay to feel bad about their own bodies.

Some people say that the fact that the 16-year-old even posted such a sexy photo, whether it was edited or not, was bad enough. Most parents would not want their daughters posting similar photos on Instagram or other social networks.

While Kylie will likely deny the allegations of editing the photo, she probably won’t convince anyone who saw it that it wasn’t Photoshopped.

Do you think Kylie edited the photo and is she a good role model for other teenage girls?

Image via Instagram