Kris Jenner Says First Divorce Prepared Her For The Second


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Divorce is never easy and even if both parties want to end a marriage, things can get complicated. Kris and Brue Jenner have had to carry out their divorce in front of the world and they are dealing with all the drama and rumors that come with a normal divorce as well as all of the added issues that come with a celebrity divorce.

Kris Jenner recently talked about the divorce and said that her first divorce from lawyer Robert Kardashian helped prepare her for her divorce from Bruce.

She said that her divorce from Robert taught her how to deal with the rumors and the drama and that although her marriage to Bruce wasn't any less meaningful, she felt the divorce process was easier.

"It's not an easy thing. ... I went through a divorce a long time ago with Robert Kardashian, and it was not fun. It was so scary, and I was so young, and I had four kids. And then we ended up being best friends. But there was a period of a couple years in there where it was really ugly and hard and you didn't want the kids to take sides," she said on The Talk.

"It was a really good learning experience for me, because I learned how to deal with something, if it ever came up again and now we are going through it," she added.

She also said that she thinks this divorce has been easier because of the way Bruce is handling it as well.

She said that she is still really close to Bruce and will always love and respect him. She added that the two just realized they weren't good together anymore.

"Divorce is a decision. It's not a good decision, but we are happier living apart than we were together," she said.

Kris has moved on since the divorce and already has a new boyfriend. Bruce has been rumored to be dating several people, but has not confirmed a new relationship.

Hopefully both of them will be able to find happiness and love again.