Kmart's 'Big Gas Savings' Ad May Make You Ship Your Pants

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Kmart is killing it with the ads as of late. Last month, the retailer came out of left field and dropped a contender for funniest ad of year with "Ship My Pants."

Like that ad, Kmart's new ad "Big Gas Saving" makes use of a language trick to make the innocent sound a bit salty. Man, those sure are some big gas savings.

The "Ship My Pants" ad currently boasts over 17.3 million views on YouTube. I think you can call that a massive success for any ad. With the new spot, Kmart has created another winner.

Check it out:

With "Ship My Pants," Kmart saw a lot of social media support, mostly thanks a well-advertised Twitter hashtag. This time, people are continuing the trend of hashtagging their delight with the ad:

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