Kim Kardashian Face to Face with Intruder


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Kim Kardashian wasn't expecting to deal with the police when she spotted an intruder on the lawn of her mother's home. This weekend, the 33-year-old reality vixen was at her mom's (Kris Jenner) Hidden Hills, CA., home when she suddenly spotted an uninvited man roaming around the yard.

While the police were notified, it was a startling experience for the family.

A Malibu-based Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department watch commander confirmed that an individual was taken into custody outside the home on Sunday for a 5150 evaluation/hold.

Bu who was the intruder? While the police haven't identified him publicly, a source confirmed that the intruder smelled and appeared to be homeless.

It was also confirmed by a source that Kim saw the man on the grounds while looking out a window.

The man in question also told officers who arrived on the scene that he was friends of the family. He said he was Kendall Jenner's boyfriend and Justin Bieber's stepbrother. It turns out, both of the aliases the man gave the police were false. The source even commented saything that Kendall was not even home at the time making the intruder's statement even more puzzling.

"It freaked everyone out," the source said. "They didn't know how he got past security."

While the experience was jarring for the family, they all seem to be doing fine now.

This isn't the first time Jenner has experienced an intruder on her gated property. Last year, Jenner dealt with paparazzi sneaking throughout her property. She even chased the man down, but didn't even catch him.

Image Via Instagram