Kesha Suing Dr. Luke For Physical And Sexual Abuse


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Kesha is suing her longtime music producer and mentor Dr. Luke for physical and sexual abuse.

The singer met Dr. Luke when she was 18-years-old and he gave her her big break and helped her start her music career.

According to TMZ, Kesha claims she was sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused by the 41-year-old producer over a period of 10 years.

Kesha’s lawsuit claims that Dr. Luke would use drugs and alcohol to try to lower her inhibitions and make her more likely to agree to his sexual advances.

Kesha went to rehab earlier this year for an eating disorder and at the time she claimed that the eating disorder was brought on by Dr. Luke and his criticism and abuse.

According to a source, Dr. Luke was very critical of Kesha and her weight and was always making comments about it.

Kesha’s attorney released a statement about the lawsuit saying,

“This lawsuit is a wholehearted effort by Kesha to regain control of her music career and her personal freedom after suffering for ten years as a victim of mental manipulation, emotional abuse and an instance of sexual assault at the hands of Dr. Luke. The facts presented in our lawsuit paint a picture of a man who is controlling and willing to commit horrible acts of abuse in an attempt to intimidate an impressionable, talented, young female artist into submission for his personal gain."

"Kesha is focused on moving her life and her career beyond this terrible time,” he added.

Kesha's fans have offered their support on social networks and are hoping the singer will get justice.