Kerry Washington Talks Women, Perfection And Self-Confidence


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Kerry Washington has learned a very simple, yet valuable, lesson in life - the importance of being herself.

Although most would assume such a task would be relatively easy, the famed Scandal star recently revealed it was a bit of a challenge for her, reports Cover Media.

On Monday, Nov. 3, Kerry made an appearance on The View where she openly discussed individuality and the desire women have to be perfect.

During the discussion she touched on her life as an only child and how conscious she is about how people perceive her.

She also recounted a time in her life when she learned about the flaws of self-reliance. Although it's quite beneficial to be independent, there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help.

"As women we want to be perfect. As an only child, I'm very aware of how people see me," Kerry said.

"When I was in college someone told me that self reliance was a character flaw and I thought what do you mean? I thought that's what the goal in life was, to be able to do everything perfectly on your own, so it's been a really important lesson for me in life to just ask for help and be who I am," the 37-year-old actress said.

She went on to discuss the challenges she's faced with aspects of self-confidence throughout her life. However, she credits her parents and her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, for the progress she's made over the years.

“I also have phenomenal parents, they’re amazing,” she gushed.

Although the D'jango Unchained star obviously loves her parents and husband, there's another little person she's also quite fond of - her own daughter! For those who don't know, Washington and Asomugha welcomed their first child back in April.

Of course, she beamed like only a proud mother would. “She’s perfect,” she said of her six-month-old daughter.

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