Kendall Jenner Gets Called Out For Nepotism By Transgender Model Arisce Wanzer


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Kendall Jenner just had one heck of a year as a model.

She went from -her-last-name-2014-09" title="Kendall Jenner On Why She Dropped Her Last Name">dropping her last name as a professional move to walking the runway for some of the hottest blue chip clients in the modeling industry.

That kind of overnight success didn't just materialize as it's kind of hard to overlook the fact that Kendall hails from a famous family.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known the world over, and her big sister Kim K.'s fame was only skyrocketed by her marriage to rapper Kanye West.

With that kind of popularity and name recognition, it was felt that Jenner had a rather unfair advantage.

Felt SO strongly that one model decided to address the matter in an angry open letter to Kendall Jenner.

Transgender model Arisce Wanzer wanted Jenner and others to know that many models often come from poor backgrounds, struggling to make it in a cut-throat industry.

Wazner had some pretty harsh words for Kendall:

Does she need MORE fame? MORE money? A green card perhaps? Doesn't she get enough cash from that show that all of ignorant America glamorizes? Didn't her sister have sex with someone on camera and profit from the video sales to get their family its new line of limelight?

Arisce even went so far as to suggest that Jenner's mom Kris was responsible for booking her shows.

Kendall Jenner has herself denied that she went out of her way to exploit her family's fame in an effort to build her modeling career.

"In reality I worked pretty hard for this," said Jenner. "It wasn't like I just got it magically and it just happened."

In actuality, and in all fairness to Kendall Jenner, nepotism is nothing new in the modeling industry or in any area of fame and entertainment.

Do you think Kendall Jenner relied more on her family's fame than on her own hard work?