Kelly Rowland Dumps Some Friends for Sake of Her Son

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Kelly Rowland is a new mommy through and through.

"When I hear him on the monitor, I’m the fastest person in the world in that moment because I’m bolting to his room, and I want to be the first person who gets to see him. He is my everything.”

The "he" that Kelly rowland is talking about is her 6-month-old son Titan. Along with husband Tim Witherspoon, Kelly Rowland is tackling the huge, lovable job of raising her boy the best way she possibly can. And, to that end, she is willing to cut some people loose.

“I don’t tolerate anybody who wants to carry any negative energy with them,” she mentions. “They have to go. There have been friendships that are gone because of that. I don’t want that around my son.”

Some of the friends that Kelly Rowland is keeping include Beyonce and Jay-Z. Apparently Titan is crazy about Blue Ivy.

”That relationship that is her and Julez [Solange's son] and my husband’s sisters' girls, all these kids that Titan is surrounded by, he loves watching them.”

But even with A-List friends like that, Kelly rowland says she is still simple. When asked what she plans to do for Mother's Day, she punctuates that.

“Just chilling and eating. I’m a Southern girl, I don’t need much. Food, family…”

Kelly Rowland is reveling in the development of her son. “He is trying to say his first syllables,” Kelly says. “He is trying to crawl. He is rolling over, he is reaching out for me and his dad. He has a little muscle to him, he’s a tough kid.”

Had the Most #amazingday with @Dreft yesterday! P.S. KRArmy where do ya'll find these pics?! I love ya'll xoxoxo I

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Kelly Rowland and her son are featured in a campaign by Dreft detergent about raising kids. It is called Amazinghood.

“I did not know how much laundry would be happening,” Kelly Rowland said. “This little person is making such big messes. It is real.”

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