Kellie Pickler Releases New Album "The Woman I Am"


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Kellie Pickler's newest album, "The Woman I Am", was released today, and she and her fans are very excited about it!

Pickler, the former American Idol star, has always had very upbeat and quirky songs on her albums. However, this album, she promises, will be more personal and closer to her heart.

“I’ve made records where I’m trying to make everybody else happy and say what other people want me to say. That was miserable,” she said. “If you go in and you’re honest, people will either like you or not. You can’t please them all, so you might as well be happy with it yourself. It’s your face on the cover. You can’t change who you are to please other people.”

During an interview with Billboard, Pickler talked about one of her favorite songs on her album, "Selma Drye", that describes her beloved grandmother.

"I was just describing her," she said. "She lived in front of us, and she was a pistol – your stereotypical hillbilly granny. I was so intrigued by her. She had a pistol and an apron, and kept a can of snuff in her apron. She never had a drivers license or had a car – it was the devil. She never put her money in the bank – it was the devil. She was very old fashioned and stuck in her ways. In some ways, it was beautiful. She never conformed to the ways of the world. She kept all of her money in canning jars, washed her clothes in the sink and hung them up on the line. She was very much old school, and I think that song represents the women of her generation."

Her last album, "100 Proof", was one of Rolling Stone's top picks for the Best Country Albums of 2012. Even though that album did not receive high sales or produce a top 20 hit, Pickler says she will not change her style.

"I knew I couldn't make the same album that I did with '100 Proof,'" she said, but I still wanted to keep some of that traditional sounds and that element sprinkled throughout this album, but also do something a little bit different. I think we did a good job at finding that happy balance. Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten produced this album as well, and they are so good at bringing out the best in me and capturing my heart on the record."

Don't forget to pick up your copy of "The Woman I Am" in stores today, and then go to Kellie Pickler's official Twitter page and let her know what your favorite song is on the album.

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