'Keep Your Business Off Of Facebook' Is The Best Gospel Song You'll Hear Today

Social Media

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Do you consider yourself a man of God? You gotta keep your business off of Facebook then. That's at least the advice from a gospel choir in its latest hit song - "Keep Yo Business Off Of Facebook."

The song, which clocks in at a little under two minutes, warns church members that social media will expose your sins to the world. The song itself says, "Sunday you act like a saint/But your Facebook status say you ain't." Truer words have never been spoken.

Check out the song below:

Unfortunately, the uploader of the video, Rap StarAgency, doesn't share what church produced this song wonderful about the pitfalls of social media. We can only hope that they work other songs into their repertoire, like "God Is Following You On Twitter" and "Jesus Didn't Die Just So You Could Post Cat Pictures On Reddit."

And remember, keep your business off of Facebook. Nobody wants to see it.

[h/t: Gizmodo]