Katy Perry Sparks Engagement Rumors. Again.

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Katy Perry has once again sparked rumors that she is engaged to the feral John Mayer, according to E!. The songbird looked phenomenal yesterday at the MTV Europe Music Awards, but it wasn't her blue Zac Posen dress that caught the attention of the media. It was the sparkly on her special finger that had photogs flashing away and speculating.

This would be the second marriage for Perry, 29, who began dating Mayer, 36, off and on last year. This would be Mayer's first marriage, but would make Katy Perry the last in a long and impressive list of girlfriends, which include Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

John Mayer and Katy Perry took their love to the public last year in a media frenzy that billed her as the latest in a long line of girl toys for Mayer, but these two crazy kids just might make it. They have even made music together, with Mayer co-writing the song "Spiritual" off of Katy's newest album, "Prism". He's not the only one lending a helping hand to his love. Perry lent her vocal talents to Mayer's "Who You Love", which is on his "Paradise Valley" album.

In reality, it's highly unlikely that Mayer is ready to settle down, but "sources" say that it's only a matter of time for the two famous lovebirds. "Everyone wants them to get engaged." one of these sources blabbed. "They are so perfect together." The source added Mayer popping the question is "inevitable," though most likely not anytime soon.

Only time will tell if this relationship will turn from speculation-fueled tabloid fodder into the real thing. Then, maybe there will be a few moments of rest for the couple. Until the baby rumors start.

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