Katherine Webb Reportedly Eats Only 1,120 Calories Per Day

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After sports commentators oogled her at a college football game, Katherine Webb, the current Miss Alabama, found fame on social media. Since that time, Webb's modeling career has taken off and she has starred in the ABC reality TV show Splash. Webb quit Splash, a televised high-dive competition, last month after suffering a minor injury.

All of this success is heavily based on Webb's good looks, which it turns out she is very disciplined about maintaining. Webb this week told People magazine that she has been "eating healthy for about six or seven years." This means, according to People, that she eats only about 1,120 calories a day. "It's all about self-control," the 5 foot, 11 inch tall Webb told the magazine.

As for what those 1,120 calories consist of, Webb mentioned smoothies, salad, fruit, chicken fingers, and sweet potato fries. Not on the menu are any sweets, such as as cake and cookies, as well as any type of bread.

Though 1,120 calories may not seem exorbitantly low, Webb is also reported to work out (with a focus on cardio) at least three times per week. With that in mind, People has also quoted a nutritionist as stating Webb could easily bump her daily calories to around 1,700.

Though the People report quotes Webb, the beauty queen has now used her Twitter account to contradict the story, stating that she loves chocolate too much to eat so few calories per day:

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