Katherine McKee: Sammy Davis Jr's Ex Says Cosby Raped Her

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Katherine McKee describes herself as Sammy Davis, Jr.'s "road wife." She says that Bill Cosby knew this. But she said he assaulted her anyway.

“[Bill Cosby] was a buddy. He knew I was Sammy’s girl,” she told the New York Daily News. She said she was in hotel room in Detroit in the early 70s, about to go out to a party on a boat at Cosby's invitation. Sammy Davis was not around. McKee says Cosby had asked her to get some ribs for them to eat and to pick him up at the hotel

“I remember I walked in the door, and he had a robe and cap on. He took the ribs from my hands and just grabbed me,” McKee said "He spun me around, pulled my panties down, and just took it. We were still standing at the door when he attacked me. It was so fast and so shocking and so unbelievable."

McKee says that Cosby acted very differently during this experience than she had seen him before. Other women describe their alleged sexual assault encounters with Cosby similarly.

“To me, there was a different personality involved," McKee said. "He was a different man. It felt like a different person performing that act.”

“I never said a word. I was too uncomfortable about it,” she said. “Bill was so rude and cold toward me the rest of the night. I thought, ‘When this boat docks, I'm out of here.’ I just left.”

She said she never told Sammy Davis about the incident. “I didn’t want to put that in Sammy’s head,” McKee said.

She said that her silence and behavior following the alleged incident did not change the fact that it was a rape.

“It was a rape, but it seemed so strange to call it that. We think of rape as a stranger who attacks you in a parking lot,” she said.

“I chalked it up to another powerful person in Hollywood who just felt he could take what he wanted from women."

She says she felt guilty, wondering for a while if she had somehow brought it on.

“I was mad at my own self for not saying, ‘What the fuck?’ Why didn’t I stop it and get him away from me? But it happened too fast. I was absolutely flabbergasted,” she said.

“And I had the guilt. I questioned myself, ‘Why did I go there? Why did I bring him those ribs? Maybe he thought that’s what I wanted too?’”

McKee says it was all the other women coming forward with allegations against Cosby that made her break her own silence.

“I figured, ‘If I don’t think about it, it won’t bother me.’ Of course, with all these women surfacing now, it flushed it out,” said McKee.

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