Kate Gosselin Makes Headlines With Kids' Birthday Gift

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Kate Gosselin has been in the news quite a bit lately, even though the TLC show starring her family went off the air in 2011, proving that the tabloids still haven't tired of the mother of 8.

Gosselin--who moved into a large home with a lot of acreage--reportedly bought her kids a tractor for their 10th birthday recently, and allowed her 13-year old twins, Cara and Mady, to drive it while the younger kids sat in the cargo section in back...something that is strictly prohibited by the manufacturer.

“Never allow the Gator to be operated by anyone younger than 16 years old.Young drivers may not be able to control the Gator. The Gator is designed for two people, the operator and one adult passenger. Never allow young children to ride in the Gator," says an instructional video by John Deere.

A woman who worked for Kate as a nanny has also been talking to the press recently about her employer, leaking secrets about what her job entailed and about how Kate feels regarding her children having contact with their dad, Jon.

“ALWAYS listen with one ear to hear what they are saying. You are always my eyes and ears and need to report everything you see and hear!" Kate reportedly wrote in a handbook. “They may call their dad when they ask permission using the house phone only. You do not have to grant permission if you are busy or the schedule doesn’t allow it (example: dinner time, shower time, bed time, room cleaning time or homework time). Please keep a listening ear open and have them stand nearby. Jon is also prohibited from having access to the front gate of the home. Do not lend it to anyone, especially not Jon!”

Kate and her kids were recently featured on a special on TLC as the network gave fans a look into what their lives are like today, and how much the children have changed. However, she hasn't exactly left the spotlight since the show went off the air; Kate has been featured on Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Wife Swap and even did a hosting stint on The View.

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