Kaley Cuoco's Old West Pose Blows Up On Instagram


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Hard at work on the indie flick, Burning Bodhi, Kaley Cuoco received a surprise visit from her husband a few days ago. They had so much fun that the movie star decided to document their adventures on Instagram.

"Someone came to visit me in New Mexico," she captioned, along with several heart symbols, a picture of her husband.

His presence definitely lent the actress a much needed leg of support. One photo showed the couple in a fond embrace with the caption, "Thank you @elizabethmessina for capturing this moment between and my hubs between takes ❤️ #burningbodhi #brooding #husbandscureall".

But cute couple photos will only get you so far in the opinion of the internet. To really capture the attention of the public, a celebrity and her spouse must go above and beyond. Cuoco did. She did it with gusto.

She and her husband posed in a wild west saloon. "Had some free time, so meandered over yonder to the ole saloon and it was a hoot! #ontheshootphotography #newmexico," the caption went. The photo has to been seen to be believed.

Afterward, home was in store for the actress. A photo was published showing Cuoco collapsed on the floor with the following exclamation: "Home sweet home sweet home sweet home!!! ❤️❤️"

You might think her Instagram trek might end there, but one more photo came up with Cuoco and her dog. "Oh I missed this nose," it said.

This Instagram trek has been only the latest in a long time effort by Cuoco to show her followers what life is like behind the scenes of Burning Bodhi.

Makeup effects are a favorite of the actress. One selfie had the caption, "Ok I'm here. Hair/makeup test for #burningbodhi .. So fun playing someone so different. Im up for the challenge #nofilter," while another simply said, "Crazy girl".

What can be said of Burning Bodhi itself? In the words of Cuoco, "#definitelynotacomedy".

Image via Instagram