Julianna Margulies Talks "The Good Wife" And Divorce

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Julianna Margulies sat down for a recent interview about the fifth season of "The Good Wife", and said if she had one wish for her character it would be to see her "let her hair down".

"What I root for in Alicia is for her to let her hair down and to do what feels good, not what feels right," she said. "I, as the fan of the show, want to see her come undone again. Because I think she's so buttoned up and so afraid, she holds her cards so close to the vest. And as soon as she starts playing them out, she can't stand up. So I'm looking forward to seeing that from her and I think many factors are going to start happening."

With Alicia receiving an offer from Cary to leave Lockhart Gardner with him and several other associates, fans may be seeing some big changes this season. Of course, the thing many fans tune in for is a love triangle between Alicia, Will, and her husband Peter, played by Chris Noth. As Alicia deals with her husband's cheating ways, she unravels a little at a time.

"I think she knows as long as she's at Lockhart and Gardner, there's no way to make her marriage work. Because she'll always be seeing Will. I think she knows, that last scene, it was one of my favorite scenes, where she's in the car with Will and she's completely come undone. It's that feeling of, unless I'm away from you, this will keep happening. So she has to make that choice. Otherwise it will be divorce and she wouldn't be starting out her own law firm," she said.

As for the firm? It's not going to be pretty, she says.

"There is this incredible arc that's about to start in episode one, and shift dramatically in episode 15. And the only way I can explain it without giving it away is that it's sort of like this bloodbath that happens. Alicia left with their three biggest clients. It generates a lot of money per year. And they gave her her chance. So it's a bloodbath and then what I would call an explosion and then there's going to be a bizarre sort of, emotional journey that she'll be on for a little bit."

"The Good Wife" premiered on Sunday and you can catch the rest of the season on CBS at 9 p.m.

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