Joey Chestnut Breaks Hot Dog-Eating Record


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No Fourth of July would be complete without the gastronomic spectacle of the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating competition. This year's competition was much the same as last year's, with competitive eater Joey Chestnut breaking records and winning the competition.

Chestnut is currently to top-ranked competitive eater by the International Federation of Competitive Eating, and for good reason. The record-setting eater has now won seven of the yearly hot dog-eating competitions in a row.

Chestnut won this year's competition by eating 69 hot dogs and bun in only 10 minutes. The feat broke the competitor's previous record, 68, which was set during the 2012 competition. The second place finisher, Matthew Stonie, only managed to shove down 51 of the dogs before time was up.

All ten minutes of Chestnut's gorging can be seen in the video below - if you can stomach it.