Jimmy Wales Got a Little Testy with Reporters About the O'Dwyer Case

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In spite of what appeared to be a decision from the United Kingdom's Home Office to continue with the extradition of accused copyright-infringer Richard O'Dwyer to the United States, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales maintains that reports of the Home Office's decision are false.

On Tuesday, V3 published a comment from U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May's office saying that it would not halt the extradition of O'Dwyer, who is being sought to stand trial in the United States in spite of not committing any crime there and not having clearly broken any law in the United Kingdom. However, following the report, Wales took to Twitter to dismiss the statements from the UK Home Office and insisted that all accounts affirming the Home Office's decision were incorrect.

In fact, he just about goes all out Braveheart on some of the people repeating that the U.K. Home Office won't halt the extradition.




Aside from correcting multiple journalists for reporting a statement that was provided to V3 about the O'Dwyer extradition and confidently claiming that statement is untrue, Wales says that his efforts to stop the extradition are far from over.


I hope that Wales' insistence that the UK Home Office wouldn't risk a public relations nightmare by not meeting with him has some merit. He's obviously got some clout and given he has the ears of notables like Jimmy Carter and Richard Branson, hopefully he'll be able to rally some high-profile names to add to the legion of internet supporters that have gathered around O'Dwyer's cause.

Then again, maybe the UK Home Office cares not for public opinion over sustaining cozy relations with the U.S. government.

At any rate, godspeed, Mr. Wales.