Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Promo Honors the Past


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Early last year, Jimmy Fallon announced he's taking over The Tonight Show. Additionally, it was announced that Seth Meyers would take over Fallon's time slot. Prior to the announcement, rumors surfaced that Jay Leno would finally give up his gig for Fallon. Fallon fans were delighted and enlightened when the rumors were confirmed by NBC and Fallon.

The Tonight Show's hosting shift happens on February, 17th. Fallon is the second host to replace Leno in the last five years. However, unlike that time, Leno is really leaving The Tonight Show this time. This starts a new era for the 60 year running late night talk show.

The new promo video for The Tonight Show pays tribute to other past hosts, including Johnny Carson, Jack Pear and Steve Allen. The video also acts as a timeline of the evolution of the show, with the chosen scenes and layered voice overs. The video eventually leads to the introduction of Jay Leno on The Tonight show, and Fallon taking his place.

NBC's announcer makes note that this is a new period for the Tonight Show. Pretty much saying,"we're going to do it right this time." In 2009/2010, Conan O'Brien took over Leno's spot, but later NBC gave Leno back his show. This eventually lead to O'Brien switching networks. This incident has many people worried that history may repeat itself with Fallon.

Fallon's positive attitude, witty personality and general charisma makes him the perfect person to take over Leno's seat. Fallon's unique hosting style lets him give The Tonight Show its much needed makeover.

If you're worried about Leno's next move, don't. He's already receiving offers for new gigs. So Leno's retirement won't last long, but hopefully he leaves the Tonight Show to Fallon. We need Fallon as host of the The Tonight Show. 

Image, via Youtube