Jerry Springer Explains Why He's Stumping For Ohio Candidate

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Jerry Springer is all too familiar with mudslinging--both in the political and literal sense--so it's no surprise that he's come back to his home state of Ohio in support of a Democratic candidate.

Springer, a former Cincinnati mayor, traveled to Ohio this week to back Sen. Nina Turner in her run for secretary of state, but he says the reason he's doing it is much more simple than a rumored desire to run for a position in politics.

"It's just something I believe in. It sounds like a corny answer. But that's honestly — there's no hidden motive. It's not like, you know, someone's going to get me a job. There's stuff I can do without personally running for office and that is to back causes and candidates," he said.

Springer attended an early voting event for Turner, which she says is a critical part of her campaign; her opponent, incumbent Jon Husted, claims he has made voting easier, but Turner says that the voting hours impose limitations on the working-class citizens.

"Strong communities start at the ballot box -- where every eligible Ohioan has the opportunity to make their voice heard. This election is critically important to the future of our state and it is imperative that folks come out to vote this year," Turner said.

While Springer's monetary donations and physical presence are appreciated by the Democratic party, not everyone is happy about it.

"Now voters associate the Democratic Party with two people: (gubernatorial candidate) Ed FitzGerald & Jerry Springer. Maybe Ed can go on Jerry's show after the election and explain how not to run a campaign," said GOP spokesman Chris Schrimpf.

Amanda Crum
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