Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and The Soup Nazi


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Seinfeld and Leno have come together in an epic battle; gnashing of teeth, clawing of eyes...No? Well in any case the two have teamed together for a new Acura commercial that debuted online today

In the commercial, Seinfeld sets out on a bogus journey to disuade the client in front of him from buying the new Acura. Jerry bribes him with everything from cash to his own personal soup nazi, an omelette bar and even a fun zip-line across the city. When the pair finally land the man is convinced to give Seinfeld the rights to the car, only to be flanked by Leno in an awesome jet powered flight suit. The man insists on giving the car to Leno who then takes the keys and the man off into the sky leaving Seinfeld behind on the roof.

With cheesy Seinfeld humor throughout the commercial is set to be a hit among Seinfeld fans. After the self titled show left the air in 1999, memorable character hits such as the soup nazi have long been loved by fans and soup aficionados alike. The video of the commercial can be found here.