Jennifer Lawrence: Untouched by Hollywood

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Jennifer Lawrence is the same person she was when she got into acting. Even an Oscar hasn't changed this Kentucky native into a celebrity snob. She's the kind of film star people love to love--and they're about to love her a whole lot more, with the upcoming premiere of Catching Fire.

Lawrence is known for making some comments that lack a bit of finesse, but it's moments like those that make her seem so real to people. She's human. She makes mistakes. And she loves a good joke or a social faux pas as well as the next down-to-earth guy or girl. A recent interview with CNN, along with Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson, found Lawrence making comments about kissing that the socially elite might balk at. Those who know and love the Silver Linings Playbook sweetheart simply take them all in stride.

Josh Hutcherson's first on-screen kiss came at the hands (actually the lips) of Jennifer Lawrence. The two dished about that during their interview.

"We're great together," Lawrence said. "We can really kiss."

"I haven't had any bad ones," Hutcherson said, then telling Jennifer, "You're my first real big kiss in a movie."

"Really?" Lawrence responded. "Oh my God, was I gentle?"

"No," Hutcherson replied. "It was a little abrasive, if I'm being honest. A little shocking."

"It was very slobbery," Lawrence agreed.

Believe it or not, this kind of don't care honesty is part of Jennifer Lawrence's draw. She's not raunchy--she's just honest. And she isn't concerned that a camera or a microphone might be shoved in her face, capturing every word she says or move she makes. Remember how unruffled she appeared after falling at the Oscars?

Josh Hutcherson mentioned how, when Jennifer won her Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook, and then returned to filming The Hunger Games, that 'nothing changed on set.'

"I don't even think we had a conversation about it," Lawrence said. "You guys were like, 'Congratulations, that's great.' And then it was like, 'Cool.' Then we started talking about farts."

Is she great or what? Jennifer Lawrence is the kind of actress that fans love to see on the big screen, but she's also the kind of person that they'd love to invite over for beer and a plate of nachos in front of the TV. She seems real. She really is untouched by whatever Hollywood does to some young entertainers.

Will you be checking Jennifer Lawrence out when Catching Fire premieres on November 22nd? You can bet you won't be alone, and that many of those who see the film will do so solely out of admiration for Lawrence.

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