Jennifer Hudson Buys Aide Huge Gift

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Jennifer Hudson bought her aide a huge gift this Christmas--a house. Her aide--or personal assistant, and long time close friend--was named via social media as simply "Walter." Can you imagine how incredibly exciting it must have been for Walter when he received his Christmas present? What do you suppose Hudson bought the remainder of her friends and family members if Walter got a house?

Hudson shared the excitement her aide expressed when learning of the amazing gift she had purchased for him. A video on Instagram shows Walter expressing his complete surprise and utter amazement at his employer and dear friend's generosity. Jennifer Hudson captioned her Instagram video as follows.

"My assistant Walter's reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas!"

Check it out that video in its uninterrupted entirety as she hands him the paperwork that names him as owner of the property she gifted him.

Jennifer Hudson continues to amaze her fans--not only because of her amazing talent, but for the obvious peace in her soul. Her mother and brother were brutally murdered back in 2008 by her former brother-in-law. She has since forgiven him and moved on to live a very fulfilling life--quite obviously filled with immense love and consideration for those around her.

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