Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Issues Wedding Ultimatum

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Jennifer Aniston may be sick of waiting on Justin Theroux to marry her, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Justin did, in fact, live with his girlfriend before Jennifer Aniston for 14 years without making it down the aisle. So, should Jennifer Aniston have seen this coming?

Maybe, but two years ago Justin popped the question, and since then, nothing but busted rumors and speculation.

Even Chelsea Handler said she was sick of getting asked about Jennifer Aniston's wedding.

"Everywhere I go, people ask me about Jennifer Aniston's wedding. Do you know what it's like to walk down a red carpet and [reporters] go 'When are Jen and Justin getting married?' like I'm in charge of that," she said.

Sources close to the situation reportedly say that Jennifer Aniston is done waiting.

“Justin may be telling people that he’s happy having a long engagement, but he seems to be ignoring the fact that Jen may not be,” a source told British magazine Look. “When they got engaged, she would have never imagined that two years down the line they still wouldn’t have made it up the aisle.

The source continued, “Jen has given Justin until the end of the year and then she’ll be seriously considering whether they should be together. She’s even told him she would consider a quickie wedding because she knows how much he hates the idea of having a big ceremony.”

“Jen was always mindful that she didn’t want there to be any clashes. Jen’s been so careful in the past not to pressure Justin. But enough is enough. She needs to feel like things are moving forward.”

It seems reasonable for Jennifer Aniston to want to move forward after a two year engagement. What do you think? Is two years plenty or do you think she should give Theroux all the time he needs?

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