Israeli Gangnam Style Dancing Controversy


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The Scene: A club in Hebron, a Palestinian city located in the southern West Bank.
The Main Players: A group of Israeli soldiers, Palestinian club-goers.
The Soundtrack: Gangnam Style by Psy.

Earlier this week, a group of Israeli soldiers were lured into a dance hall by the siren song of South Korean celebrity, Psy. The soldiers were on patrol, dressed for combat, assault rifles at their sides. Cameras captured the soldiers dancing with the celebratory crowd. The Palestinians are reported to have been celebrating a wedding.

The song, Gangnam Style, is a phenomenon that has swept the globe, drawing together mass crowds in common rhythm. But according to Israeli Defense Forces leadership, which has suspended the soldiers from duty until investigations are terminated, it was insufficient cause to enter the club. Concerns are that the club may be a regular hangout for pro-HAMAS individuals. Hebron has historically been a city victimized by violence. Military officials say, "the soldiers exposed themselves to unnecessary danger and were disciplined accordingly."

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resumed this month after a five-year lull. The projected timeline for resolving the talks is nine months, which would end next May.

Though Psy has not commented, the world community is speaking out on the incident:

[Video via YouTube.]