iOS 6.1 Update May Be Causing iPhone Battery Woes


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iOS 6.1 went out to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users at the end of January. The update added LTE capabilities to 36 more iPhone carriers and 23 more iPad carriers around the world. That's all well and good, but the update may have brought a nasty little bug on board as well.

Macworld reports that iOS 6.1 may be adversely affecting battery life in phones upgraded to the latest operating system. Complaints are reportedly popping up on forums all over the Internet. It seems that those who are worse affected are seeing their battery drain in about hours after a full charge.

So, what's causing the problem? Nobody knows for sure, but many are theorizing that it could be a bug that's causing an infinite loop with Exchange mail servers. Some are reporting this to be the case as the problem went away after they deleted their exchange and iCloud accounts, and then adding them back after a reboot. The problem also seems to have been fixed for those who reinstalled iOS 6.1.

If you've already installed iOS 6.1 and are experiencing battery issues, you may want to try one of these potential solutions. If neither work, you're probably going to have to wait until Apple issues a fix.

If you have yet to update to iOS 6.1, you're probably better off waiting until Apple issues the fix. There's no reason to update when there's a chance a bug will render your phone's battery worthless.