iOS 5.1 Update Is Available To Download, Screenshots Inside


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Apple announced earlier today that their latest update iOS 5.1 would be available. WPN has confirmed that it is available to download. Most of the details surrounding the update have been known, with a couple of mystery improvements we now can confirm.

A friendly tip, be sure to plug in your phone as the update instructs. It has been confirmed by WPN that the update can drain up to 5% of your battery life during the update and installation.

Here are screenshots of the iOS 5.1 update...

iOS 5.1 Update Screenshot

iOS 5.1 Update Screenshot 2

Here's a screenshot of how the new camera button will function on the lock screen. You have to slide the camera button up instead of just pressing the button. A couple of people have tried it at the WPN office, and the verdict so far is that it's even more of a hassle to get to your camera...

iOS 5.1 camera update