Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview Now Available On Windows 7


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For the past few months, Windows 8.1 Release Preview users have been able to test drive the latest Internet Explorer - IE11. Now Windows 7 users are getting that same opportunity.

Microsoft announced today that the Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview is now available on Windows 7. The latest iteration of Microsoft's browser claims to be 30 percent faster than other browsers. It also supports the latest Web technologies, including native WebGL.

To coincide with the launch of IE11 Release Preview, Microsoft has released another ad as part of its Browser You Loved To Hate campaign. Unlike previous ads that sought to inject a little humor into Internet Explorer's past reputation, this latest ad features "what ten people and a dog think about Internet Explorer." Spoilers: They seem to like it.

The cynical among you will think that Microsoft just went with those that liked Internet Explorer 11 for your ad, and you would most likely be right. That doesn't invalidate all the work Microsoft has been putting into Internet Explorer though. With IE11, Microsoft seems to have finally caught up with Chrome and Firefox in terms of HTML5 support with WebGL support being the biggest addition.

If you want to see how IE11 performs against other browsers for yourself, check out Microsoft's PirateMarrrk benchmark. It will test your browser's HTML5, JavaScript and Scalable Vector Graphics performance.

[Image: Microsoft]