Injured Kangaroo Found In Melbourne Airport Pharmacy


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As a person who grew up in Australia, and living close to Melbourne, I always remember seeing kangaroos when visiting Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport; however, they were on the tails of Qantas airplanes. According to Yahoo! News, an actual kangaroo was present today (Wednesday, October 15, 2013) at the Melbourne airport.

Yahoo! News states that the kangaroo jumped through a terminal and into the airport's pharmacy. This unusual scare forced the Melbourne airport to lock down a section of the Qantas terminal to help wildlife officials capture and tranquilize the bouncing marsupial.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the kangaroo (named Cyrus) was injured on an "arterial road" before wandering into the airport terminal. The SMH also states that the injured kangaroo made it up to the second level of the terminal; however, how the kangaroo made its way up to the second level (without being spotted by airport travelers or personnel) where the pharmacy is located is unknown.

Amy Amato, Spokesperson for Wildlife Victoria (the agency responsible for sending the team to capture Cyrus), stated that the young kangaroo also had minor damage to his teeth and that there was not any damage to the pharmacy itself. Amato also stated, "I think there was a bit of blood... but as far as I know the damage wasn't too bad." (Source: Melbourne's 3AW Radio Station)

If you still do not believe that there was a live kangaroo inside the Tullamarine airport's pharmacy, check out the raw footage taken at the pharmacy itself.

After all of the commotion, Cyrus was taken to Wildlife Victoria's shelter and is recovering well. The agency posted a video of Cyrus relaxing and recovering on Facebook. You can even post a word of encouragement for Cyrus on the Facebook post as many have done already.


Cyrus has also caught the attention of Twitter, and various Twitter users have posted their reaction to Cyrus' visit to Melbourne's Tullamarine airport.

[Image source: YouTube (0:13)]