Indie Game TowerFall Announced For PlayStation 4


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Sony's PlayStation 4 console is out today and gamers across the U.S. are now jumping into next-generation console gaming experiences. During the televised launch celebration, Sony itself teased and announced exclusives for a variety of big-name gaming franchises. A new Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid V, and Bungie's Destiny were all featured.

However, since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 in February, Sony has been heavily embracing indie games. This was still the case last night when it was announced that indie game TowerFall Ascension will be making its way to PlayStation 4.

Though the game certainly isn't as good-looking as Infamous: Second Son, it serves as a four-player 2D local multiplayer game with fast-paced battles. Players use arrows and power-ups to battle each other on stages filled with platforms and other surprises. The PlayStation 4 version of TowerFall will come with 50 new versus stages, 4 new characters, 6 new power-ups, and a 12-player cooperative Quest mode where players can join to fight off other monsters.

The gameplay in TowerFall can be seen in the teaser trailer released today by Sony and developer Matt Makes Games. From the video, the game appears to be a mix of modern shooters, Joust, Super Smash Bros., and the original Mario Bros. arcade game: