Here's What Unreal Engine 4 On Mobile Looks Like


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On Sunday night, Nvidia announced its latest mobile graphics chip - the Tegra K1. The company boasts that it's the first 64-bit Android processor that makes use of its desktop Kepler graphics technology to deliver cutting edge visuals on mobile devices.

To help prove this point, Nvidia teamed up with Epic Games to get Unreal Engine 4 running on the Tegra K1. Now, it should be noted that Unreal Engine 4 was built with next-gen consoles and PC in mind. To get it running on mobile seems like it would be an arduous task considering that it took Epic almost a decade to get Unreal Engine 3 running on mobile devices.

While that may have been a concern in years past, Epic Games and Nvidia both claim that the Tegra K1 pushes mobile graphics technology forward by at least four years. This massive upgrade in power allows developers to do things previously thought impossible on mobile, like support for DirectX 11 and tessellation. This also allows Epic Games to get Unreal Engine 4 running on mobile devices without making any compromises.

Check it out:

The first Tegra K1 devices will be available early this year.

Image via NVIDIA/YouTube