Here's How Ubisoft's Fighter Within Works... Kind Of


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How do you make a fighter using Kinect as the only input method? Well, we still don't really know, but Ubisoft's latest trailer for Fighter Within at least attempts to explain.

Claiming to give us an "Inside the game" look, the latest trailer for Fighter Within treats us instead to a trailer attempting to be informative and funny. It fails at both, and I still have no idea how two people are supposed to play this game. It's pretty obvious that the characters on screen kick and punch with the player, but how are you supposed to do those crazy acrobatics that you see in all the trailers without horribly maiming yourself or the person next to you.

I really hope Ubisoft shows a gameplay trailer for Fighter Within soon that illustrates how you actually play the game. A Kinect fighter actually sounds like a cool idea, but every trailer for the title so far makes it appear that Ubisoft is not confident in its Xbox One launch title at all.

Even if it does end up being nothing more than a novelty, you might be able to get a few fun nights of drunken shadow boxing out of it. That's pretty much all you can ask out of most Kinect games.

[Image: ubisoft/YouTube]