Here's A Better Look At MakerBot's New 3D Printers


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At CES 2014, 3D printers were generating some of the biggest buzz at the show. The two big guys - 3D Systems and MakerBot - were both showing off the new 3D printers that will define 2014. While 3D Systems has already given us a good look at its new products, MakerBot has yet to do so. That's where Microsoft comes in.

Microsoft was at CES this year and took time out to talk to MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis about his company's new line of 3D printers - the Repilcator Mini, the Replicator Desktop 3D printer and the Replicator Z18. The first is intended for hobbyists and consumers thanks to its small build size and affordability. The Replicator Desktop 3D printer is the successor to the Replicator 2 and provides a solid 3D printer for hardcore hobbyists and professionals. Finally, the Replicator Z18 is a 3D printer for the professional that demands a massive build size.

To learn more about these printers, check out the below interview with Pettis:

Image via Windows/YouTube