Hayley Atwell: "Agent Carter" Star Says Racism, As Well As Sexism, Will Be Addressed In Season Two

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Hayley Atwell, star of the immensely popular Agent Carter, has graciously opened up to fans about what we can expect in season two.

According to Hayley Atwell, there is a bit of an awkward love triangle to look forward to, now that Peggy finally seems to be moving on after losing Steve (Captain America).

Hayley Atwell also said that the new location in Los Angeles will provide a cheerful new setting for Agent Carter action.

She said, "The tone of it, the brightness, the blue skies and palm trees, and also the fact that that's reflected in the costumes since you need to wear less of them because it's a bit hot, the whole look of it is so much lighter."

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However, the most interesting info from Hayley Atwell was about the show's hard-hitting take on sexism that prevailed in season one. It seems in season two, that will continue to be an issue, but racism will also be dealt with in an interesting way.

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She said, "This season also touches upon race as another issue because [of] her love interest in African-American, Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin). I have been told that Peggy Carter had the first interracial kiss in the comic books, therefore their interracial relationship is taken directly from the comic books."

She added, "It shows that what Peggy is attracted to, with Sousa who is disabled, Captain America who went through adversity to get to where he is, and Jason Wilkes who is a minority who has to fight so much, she is attracted to strength of character and the underdog."

Are you excited to see what Hayley Atwell has up her sleeve for this season of Agent Carter?

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