Harry Styles Twerks, Sends Twitter Into Overdrive

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Harry Styles caused a bit of a web frenzy last night at the Teen Choice Awards, when he jumped up from his seat in the audience and twerked on command.

The young One Direction member was approached by hosts Lucy Hale and Darren Criss after the crowd was encouraged to get a massive, simultaneous twerk going in order to break a world record; the crowd didn't comply quite as well as Styles did, however.

For those who aren't in the know, "twerking" is a dance move that involves bouncing the hips and butt up and down. Miley Cyrus is reportedly a master at it now, and Styles isn't bad, but I'd recommend changing into some baggier pants for comfort next time.

Of course, given his hot-guy status around the world, Styles caused Twitter to blow up after his impromptu dancing:

Amanda Crum

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