Happy 2nd Birthday, iPad


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Today marks the two year anniversary that techno-Buddha demigod Steve Jobs floated across a stage in San Francisco at Apple's annual conference and told everybody, "Hey, you didn't know you wanted something called an iPad, but you do - and I'm your pusherman." And just like that, iPad was the device that launched a thousand-times-a thousand Ooooohs and thus commenced the age of the tablet. In fact, here's the birth video of iPad as we all originally saw it:

The crew at Pingdom put together a graph that illustrates how sales of iPad unites have steadily climbed in the past two years. The new need for an iPad, it would appear, has spread like a contagious addiction.

Expect to see those bar graphs shoot up as the subsequent financial quarters of 2012 are added on. But enough of the future, let us take today to commemorate the anniversary of the iPad infecting our imaginations forever and take a stroll down memory lane so as to reflect upon some of the adventurous moments that iPads have seen over the past two years, as told by WebProNews.

iPad To The Face: How Apple Revolutionizes Sibling Rivalry (included video clip below).


iPads Are Now Being Used To Assist Cerebral Palsy Patients.

Fleshlight iPad Case Takes Forever Alone To A Whole New Level [NSFW] (sadly, there is no video to accompany this piece).

Canadian Man Enters U.S. With Scanned Passport on iPad.

iPad 3 To Ship In March (Rumor).

iPad Survives 100,000 Foot Fall (included clip below).


iPad 2 Worth a Kidney to Chinese Teen.

ZooGue Dips iPad In Lava To Give You Free iPhone 4S Cases (included clip below).

I love how all of the greatest hits of the iPad are people either abusing other people abusing the iPad itself. In that case, look forward to the greater adventures of iPad with the imminent arrival of the iPad 3 later this year.