Hangouts API Version 1.1 Discussed In Office Hours


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The metahangout that is the Google+ Office Hours went down this week and the discussion is one that developers will want to check out. J.D. Salazar and Richard Dunn from the Hangouts API team took time to answer developer questions and talk about the new features in Hangouts API Version 1.1.

This week's hangout is chock full of details clocking in at 53 minutes. While you may not want to watch the full thing, there are a few points that you should pay particular attention to. Since this hangout is all aout the new version of the Hangouts API, they obviously spend some time talking about that. That's not all though as they also discuss other topics like static overlays and hangout resolution.

From there, it goes into more general questions like uninstalling a Hangout app and accessing Picasa from within a hangout. Other topics include the future of face tracking and WebGL for the platform. As everything moves to HTML5, WebGL is going to become far more important for Hangouts and other online video conferencing systems like WebRTC.

Finally, they discuss the possibility of an official Hangout App directory. There is an unofficial directory at the moment that is sufficient, but an official Google directory would be much appreciated.

If you want to know more about the latest developments in the Hangout API, check out the Office Hours below: