Groupon Offers $25,000 Stand-In For Sons On Mother's Day

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Oh, that Groupon.

The company just announced that for $25,000, it will send one of its employees to your mother's house in your place on Mother's Day.

"We recognize that it’s difficult for everyone to make it home for Mother’s Day," a spokesperson for the company tells us in an email. "As a result, we're offering the ultimate Mother's Day experience called 'A Mother's Love is Priceless' where for just $25,000 a perfect child stand-in, who is really a twenty-six year old adult male, will travel to Mom and spend the day with her."

"Johnny Cadillac, the perfect child, will do all of the things that she has always lovingly nagged you to do such as eat five full servings of vegetables (at once), rinse dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, wear pants and even be nice to your sister," the spokesperson adds.

This is classic Groupon. If you thought the company's silly sense of humor went out the door with previous CEO Andrew Mason, you were obviously mistaken.

Can’t Make It Home for Mother’s Day? Groupon Will Send the Perfect Child in Your Place for $25,000 from Groupon on Vimeo.

“While you can’t really put a price tag on hanging out with Mom on Mother’s Day, we think we’ve found the next best solution,” says Cadillac in the press release “I’m incredibly skilled at all of the things Mom has always asked you to do––even though you and I both know they’re for your own good.”

Here's what the entire "A Mother's Love is Priceless" experience includes, according to the company:

  • One Groupon employee to fill in for you with your mom on Mother’s Day
  • 16 hours of enthusiastic obedience as your Groupon proxy dotes on your mother and completes common household chores
  • Airfare for your Groupon proxy to travel to your mother’s home (valid only in the continental U.S.)
  • A $5,000 shopping spree for Mom at her favorite local stores
  • A one-day stretch limo rental
  • House-cleaning services
  • A family photo
  • A catered, in-home family dinner for up to six people, including centerpieces, candelabras, linens and food

This all appears to be an attempt to remind consumers that Groupon has actual legitimate deals that might make ideal Mother's Day gifts. You probably won't have too hard a time finding those.

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