Grooveshark Returns To iOS, Expands To Other Platforms


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What's the best way to help people to forget that you're getting sued by everybody? If you're Grooveshark, you make your awesome service available to lots more people.

The music purveyors of Grooveshark posted an announcement on their blog today about their improved availability to many more platforms:

As of right now, you won't be able to log in to your Grooveshark account to access your playlists and favorites since this is a Beta release of their new web app. James Hartig, one of Grooveshark's developers, addressed the issue in the comments, "Yes, this was an initial Beta release and we will be expanding the feature set."

Hopefully this will get Grooveshark enough traffic and users that it will magically conjure up enough money to pay those royalty bills all the record labels are hounding them for.