Grooveshark for iPhone, TweetDeck for Android, Social Search Tools

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Grooveshark has reportedly now become available in Apple's App store after a long struggle to get it there. This is an app that lets you search for songs, and stream them on demand . Unsurprisingly, it faces legal battles, but it has already settled some. The app has been available on Android.

TweetDeck announced today that TweetDeck on Android (beta) is now officially available.

Google made a variety of interesting announcements today. The company held a small press event in which it introduced some new Android features. One is actually a Chrome extension/Android app combination that lets you send content from Chrome to your phone. The other is called Voice Actions, which lets you enter commands with your voice to bring up various functionalities on your Android device.

In addition, Google posted a lengthy piece on "myths and facts" regarding its joint proposal with Verizon over net neutrality legislation. That evidently won't stop people from protesting outside of Google's headquarters.

TechCrunch points to a couple of interesting social media search tools. One, called Sentimnt, is designed to let you search through your social feeds. Booshaka lets you search what's trending on Facebook.

Ars Technica points to a new Firefox 4 beta, which includes JavaScript optimizations and support for multitouch interaction on Windows. Mozilla's Rob Sayre talks more about the JavaScript stuff here.

Facebook launched a new software development kit for iPhone/iPad development, which will bring the open graph to iOS apps. This means iPhone and iPad apps will be getting a lot "more social" as Facebook puts it. It means that you will be able to bring your Facebook friends into more apps.

Speaking of Facebook, you may remember that panic button that was introduced for it a while back in an effort to thwart perverts. The UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said today that the app has been downloaded 55,000 times. It has received over 211 reports about suspicious behavior online.

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