Great Dane Gives Birth To 19 Puppies


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When Brandon and Aimie Terry's Great Dane Snowy went into labor, they expected she would have an average sized litter of pups: between seven and ten puppies.

However, what they got was a complete and total surprise. Snowy gave birth to 19 puppies in one litter.

"We made an appointment to take her into the vet and they did an X-Ray and found out there were 15 little spines on the X-Ray," the couple said. “I was expecting maybe eight, and usually the runts wind up not making it, so, I was preparing myself to lose one,” Brandon told Today. “But 19?”

The puppies are now three years old and are living at Terry's home. They are all healthy and have just started opening their eyes. “All their eyes just opened,” he said. “They’re exploring and they’re so playful with each other.”

While the couple finds it amazing that their dog was able to carry so many puppies, they are starting to realize that they can't keep them all.

“It’s starting to get crazy,” Brandon said. “It was okay last week, but now this week, they’re starting to break loose. You try to feed them and you try to get them situated. You’ve got to watch where you step. You’ve got to watch behind your feet.”

The couple plans on keeping one of the puppies and is putting the other eight females and ten males up for sale on Each puppy is listed for $850, and will be ready for pick up the week before Christmas.