Google's Legalize Love Campaign Aims To Protect Gayglers Across The Globe

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Although Google's high-profile, fierce opposition to California's anti-gay marriage initiative Prop 8 plants the company firmly in the marriage equality camp, their latest pro-LGBT project isn't really about gay marriage at all.

It's about something even more basic - the rights of LGBT workers to be safe both inside and outside the workplace.

Dubbed "Legalize Love," Google has announced the initiative as a "call to decriminalize homosexuality and eliminate homophobia around the world."

First outlined at a global LGBT Workplace summit in London, the campaign will officially launch Monday as the first-ever Google Legalize Love Conference in London, as part of the World Pride celebrations.

Google provides more information on the campaign on their diversity page:

Though our business and employees are located in offices around the world, our policies on non-discrimination are universal throughout Google. We are proud to be recognised as a leader in LGBT inclusion efforts, but there is still a long way to go to achieve full equality. Legalise Love is our call to decriminalise homosexuality and eliminate homophobia around the world.

At Google, we encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. In all of our 60 offices around the world, we are committed to cultivating a work environment where Googlers can be themselves and thrive. We also want our employees to have the same inclusive experience outside of the office, as they do at work, and for LGBT communities to be safe and to be accepted wherever they are.

Google has always been one of the most outspoken on the issue of LGBT rights. For years, Google has celebrated LGBT pride month with colorful search results. But that small gesture is superficial compared to the real work they do.

This year alone, Gayglers (gay Googlers) and their supporters participated in pride celebrations all across the world in places like Sao Paulo, San Francisco, and Sydney. Google has been consistently against any measure that attempts to discriminate or marginalize the LGBT community and has even put their money where their mouth is by recently expanding their transgender benefits companywide.

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