Google Wants You to Get in Touch with Your YouTube Community


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Despite YouTube being the Mordor of online discourse, you may actually want to engage with that community from time to time. It's not all bad, just 99.45% bad. If you actually feel daring enough to invite the YouTube community to your website, Googlers Eric Lundberg and Jeffery Posnick presented at Google I/O last Wednesday about an embeddable widget that will support YouTube uploads on your own site.

Essentially, it's a new way for you to solicit videos from your users. The duo discuss how they built it and how to use it as a part of the YouTube Direct open source video submission platform. Essentially, the embeddable widget allows visitors to your site will be able to upload videos to YouTube without having to leave your site. As with any uploads on YouTube, the videos uploaded by a user still belongs to that user. However, the host website will be able to view a list of videos uploaded through the widget.

Topics covered in the talk include:

  • What is the embeddable upload widget?
  • Example integration: Formspring
  • Widget implementation details
  • Using the widget on your site
  • Case Study: YouTube Direct Lite
  • Question? Answers!
  • The widget isn't available just yet, but Lundberg and Posnick wanted to give developers a preview of what this new tool will be able to do.